Cocoa Beach Hearing Center
A full service hearing aid clinic providing comprehensive hearing tests along with sales and service on all makes and models of hearing aids. Owner Wayne Smith, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist has been serving the hearing impaired in Brevard County since 1982. Along with Gerald Bonilla, they have over 50 years of professional experience!
At Cocoa Beach Hearing Center we do things a little different. I've helped thousands hear and understand better in Brevard county, very likely some of your family or friends, and I'd be honored to help you too. 

We won’t always promise the cheapest price but we will always provide and guarantee the best value. We don’t necessarily believe that full page ads, celebrity endorsements, and high pressure commissioned salesmen get you better hearing — but they do add to the price you pay!

We’re dedicated to providing our patients with the kind of personalized, responsive care and experienced service you’re looking for. We actually listen and care. We’ll explain what's happening if you have a hearing loss and show you several different options if you need help. There's never any high pressure tactics and We’ll make sure you know exactly what's going on with your hearing.

We’ll discuss with you the different types and styles of hearing aids as well as the different technology levels to help you know what is best for your hearing loss as well as your budget. When you purchase a hearing aid from us, we also provide:

Cleaning and  Adjustment 
When Possible 
Curbside Service available when needed. Just call.

Don't let hearing loss impact your quality of life

There is no reason today to miss out on all that life has to offer. It is so important to stay connected with friends and loved ones. When you suffer from hearing loss you often feel isolated and even depressed! With no cost or obligation there’s no reason to go on missing out, so get back in touch. In touch with friends, loved ones and all that life has to offer!

Please call us any time you have a need or question. It is always a pleasure and an honor to serve you. The average American waits 10 years from the time they should begin wearing hearing aids until they get them. Don't wait, call today.

And remember better hearing is better living.